`daml start` runs codegen by default?

when running daml start it seems to run codegen by default on first build. Is this by design?

Yes it’s by design. Note that it only does this if you specified the codegen in daml.yaml though, so if you don’t care about the codegen simply drop that section.

My thought was: Codegen is an on-demand function. The daml.yaml allows me to config it for reuse/future use.

Was the design basically saying “daml start” would be used when starting a sandbox and then on each start you would want to re-generate codegen based on changes? essentially making is a single command (no extra options needed ) ?

Yes that was the idea, importantly, it also integrates with the reload functionality: If you change your model and reload that in your ledger you also need to regenerate your client code. Otherwise the two get out of sync.

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Great thanks!