DAML sandbox on docker

I am new to DAML and trying to run DAML sandbox on docker.

Is there is good guide/tutorial/documentation regarding the same?

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Hi @dhaileytaha,

The Community Edition does not offer support for Docker containers, which includes documentation. This does not mean it’s impossible to do, but you’re pretty much on your own. The easiest path forward if you really want a sandbox in Docker is probably to use the digitalasset/daml-sdk Docker image and just run daml sandbox within that:

$ docker run digitalasset/daml-sdk:1.11.0 daml sandbox
INFO: Slf4jLogger started
INFO: Listening on localhost:6865 over plain text.
   ____             ____
  / __/__ ____  ___/ / /  ___ __ __
 _\ \/ _ `/ _ \/ _  / _ \/ _ \\ \ /

INFO: Initialized sandbox version 1.11.0 with ledger-id = 6c660167-d8bf-4f1d-86ae-0d116d096de5, port = 6865, dar file = List(), time mode = wall-clock time, ledger = in-memory, auth-service = AuthServiceWildcard$, contract ids seeding = strong

I’ll reiterate the warning from that image’s description: this is meant for development only and we strongly recommend against running this dev-time image in production. The target use-case here is running tests on CI.

Note that the Enterprise Edition comes with a lot more support in that area, including pre-packaged Docker images for some of our “production-time” components (sandbox is really meant only for development time, at which point Docker is a lot less compelling).