Daml REPL error: BErrorClient (ClientIOError GRPCIOTimeout)

I get this error when I try to run Daml REPL. Usually for the first time it’s ok, but subsequent submissions fail:

Is that on SDK 1.18? Can you also reproduce on 1.17.1? I’m strugglign to reproduce it on either right now.

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1.18.0 is the default on my machine. How can I force REPL to use 1.17.1?

You can use DAML_SDK_VERSION=1.17.1 daml repl

Now I cannot reproduce the error on either.

Hm, no idea what happened there. Maybe just a onetime fluke?

Will report if it comes back

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I have this error again:

This seems to reliably reproduce for me:

DAML_SDK_VERSION=1.18.0 daml repl < <(sleep 200; echo 'map (2*) . join $ [[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]')

Hope it helps investigate.

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This is the same issue as the one in ScenarioBackendException in Daml Studio error again - #19 by cocreature, we released a new snapshot Release 1.18.1-snapshot.20220106.8429.0.ea344666 · digital-asset/daml · GitHub which should fix this issue.

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Thanks, tried it and so far didn’t experience the error.

Can I get the badge for spotting this bug?