Daml Profiler

  1. How do I run the Daml Profiler on Canton instead of Sandbox?

  2. The profiler only profiles interpretation. What’s the recommended approach to profile the entire path of a transaction from the point of time a command is received via the ledger API to the time the resulting transaction is emitted via the API?

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Sandbox is Canton, it’s just a simple setup with one participant called sandbox. So you can use it for any other Canton setup the same way, just adjust the participant name from sandbox to your actual participant name. So change it like this:

canton.participants.YOUR_PARTICIPANT_NAME.features.profile-dir = profile-results

There is no profiler for things other than interpretation. You could ofc use a regular JVM profiler like visualvm but I don’t think that is going to give you useful information. Maybe the metrics can give you what you’re looking for?


Thanks @cocreature!

Re #2, we don’t use the JSON API - anything you recommend for the gRPC API?

Sorry linked to the wrong metrics section, try Monitoring — Daml SDK 2.6.4 documentation.