Daml Connect 1.18.0 is out!


  • Improved error codes and messages throughout the stack aid error handling and development of robust client applications.
  • The JSON API and Daml Script have improved support for multi-party submissions. In particular, the JSON API now allows overriding the actAs and readAs party sets, and Daml Script can now use submitMulti even if no token for the exact set of parties used is specified.
  • The Ledger API can now automatically retry commands that failed during command interpretation due to contention on Contract Key.
  • The Daml Connect Enterprise Edition now comes with an early access version of a Helm Chart for Kubernetes that offers a quick and easy way to deploy and operate a complete and robust deployment of Daml Connect.

Read the full release notes here.


What does this exactly mean? Could you give a simple example?

I can see in the release note the following, but couldn’t find in the JSON API documentation how this can be done in the API call:

" Making use of these features via the JSON API is now easier. Up until now the JSON API inferred the actAs and readAs lists from the provided token. This meant that in situations where one wanted to act with restricted party sets - for example for safety reasons - individual tokens for each party set needed to be published. With this improvement, the party set used can now be narrowed down as part of the JSON API request which means it is sufficient to have one access token for all parties in use.

Hi @gyorgybalazsi,

It is indeed a subtle change; I myself had to dig up the pull request for that feature in order to find the appropriate documentation.

This new feature is not documented separately; it is, instead, documented as part of the creating a contract documentation: the readAs and actAs fields can now be passed as part of the meta top-level field in the JSON body of the request.


Yes, thank you!