Daml assistant works but daml script jar executable fails

Hi all,

We are running an application using daml on s390x architecture and as that is not supported by the daml SDK we use the separate jars for daml-on-sql, daml trigger runner, and daml script.

When running the daml script jar (which is an outdated version previous to 1.11.x), we get the following error:

Expected record with 4 fields but got SRecord(746f30e967c0c2c30bfef6f9c02db729a9f933eba7d0894008ab86a26d4cb946:Daml.Script:AllocateParty,ImmArray(displayName,idHint,participant,continue,locations),[SText(Party), SText(Daml-Party), SOptional(None), SPAP(PClosure(SELet1General(SEAppAtomicGeneral(SELocF(0),[SELocA(0)]),SEAppAtomicGeneral(SELocF(1),[SELocS(1)])),

The script runs successfully locally with “daml script …”, and fails locally as well as in the deployment with “java -jar daml-script.jar …”

The daml-on-sql version is 1.14.0, so now comes my question: could this be due to the outdated script jar? if so, is there a newer version available? I couldn’t find it in the previous releases.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Matheus, can you share which SDK version the Daml Script JAR is from and which SDK version the DAR got built with? The Script jar should be backwards compatible meaning that you can use it to run a scripts built with older SDKs but not forwards compatible so you cannot use an older Script JAR to run an script built with newer SDK versions.

The script runner JAR is published on each release to artifactory (as part of the connect enterprise license) under the daml-script-runner repository with the latest stable version being 1.15.0.


Hi @cocreature, that’s probably it then, the SDK is a more recent version than the script runner JAR. I’ll give it a try with a matching version from the artifactory.

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