Daml assistant permission

For daml ledger commands in Daml Assistant, what permission do they need? Do they always require admin=true token? Or each command has different permission requirement?

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It depends on the command. daml ledger commands map pretty directly to the underlying Ledger API calls. You can find the table of required permissions for the Ledger API at Authorization β€” Daml SDK 1.12.0 documentation. Putting that together you get the following:

  1. daml ledger list-parties maps to the PartyManagementService so requires admin=true.
  2. daml ledger allocate-parties also maps to the PartyManagementService so also requires admin=true.
  3. daml ledger upload-dar maps to the PackageManagementService so also needs admin=true.
  4. daml ledger fetch-dar maps to the PackageService so it only requires a public token (meaning no admin token or actAs, readAs necessary).

Just noticed that there is a new claim called public. What does the token look like in this case? A token without admin, readAs and actAs fields?

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A token without a requirement for admin, readAs or actAs. If they are present this is still a valid token but they are not required. You only need a non-expired token and if you have ledgerId and participantId in the token, they will be validated (but it’s fine to omit them).