DAML array of decimal in python?


I have a field defined in my DAML template as

values: [Decimal]

In my python integration it is being received as [Decimal('200.0000000000'), Decimal( '186.0000000000'), Decimal('150.0000000000')].

The integration looks for this contract, picks it up and then tries to convert this into Json.

data = [ "readings" = request["values"] ]

The decimal array received this way doesn’t work - Object of type Decimal is not JSON serializable

How do I get this as [200.0000000000, 186.0000000000, 150.0000000000]

Appreciate your help.


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I believe you can pass them over JSON as strings.


How are you building your Python integration? Which API are you calling, using which tooling? If you want JSON, I’d recommend using the JSON API.

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@ManishGrover is DAZL being too convenient for you?

Never fear, Python’s str to the rescue:

>>> str(Decimal('200.0000000000'))
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thank you.

Used like this:

data = 
"readings" = [ str(d) for d in request["values"] ] 
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