DAML and Off-Chain data

I have a need for regulatory reasons to store some information off-chain but still require it to be utilized by templates. Is it possible to store some incoming data off-chain and use off-chain data in transactions? Could someone point me to additional information?


It’s not possible for DAML code to directly refer to data that is not either in a choice argument or stored in an active contract.

@bernhard has gone into some detail on patterns for dealing with off-chain data elsewhere on the forum. I suggest checking whether your use case can be fit to some of the techniques described there.


@JRitz01 welcome to the DAML community!

Can you share information on the regulatory reasons you can’t store information in DAML itself? We have DAML users in highly regulated industries including for example storage of PII and data regulated under HIPAA and GDPR.
All regulatory requirements we’ve come across to date can be solved while including data in DAML, albeit some of these use cases require the use of underlying ledgers which can prune data from storage (e.g. those integrated with the Canton protocol.

It would help us if you can share requirements which aren’t addressed with DAML and our current DAML integrations so we can prioritize features to address these.