Cryptic message from BatchSubmitter

When running a migration script on a canton node to progress the daml model to another with some logic enhancements, I came across this slightly cryptic message from the BatchSubmitter, that the command was non-fatally aborted, Message: PACKAGE_NO_VETTED_BY_RECIPIENTS. Not all receiving participants have vetted a package that is referenced by the submitting transaction.

In this context, what does not vetted mean and how would I perform such?

Documention on the error here. Documentation on vetting here. Please do let us know if the information is sufficient.

Thanks, I saw the existing material. “Ensure that the receiving participant uploads and vets the respective package” from the documentation linked still doesn’t explain how to complete that process in canton. The nearest I see from the other link is “In Canton, participant nodes also only need to vet code for the contracts of the parties they host”. I’d suggest there is some documentation shortfall and explicit reference to completing the vetting process would be helpful.

Hi @chris.norris

I’ve extended the docs to answer your question:
(note these are our preview pages, the actual docs will then appear on

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