Copying JWT token from Identities page is broken for explorer apps

Copying the JWT token from hub doesn’t work on Safari on MacOS 12.4 and Chrome V102.0.5005.61 on Mac OS 12.2

The download parties.json button doesn’t work as well.

This app is being accessed from an app added through the ledger explorer by ledger id

Thanks for the post, @arya. What are you experiencing when copying the JWT token? I tested it on a similar version of chrome and and on Mac 12.4 and the JWT copies to my clipboard. There is no user feedback to tell me that it’s been copied to the clipboard but when I paste I get the JWT. Have you tried that?

I also tested the ‘download parties.json’ and it seemed to work for me too. What are you experiencing?

Thanks, David.

Yes when pasting it is clear it was not copied. Did you try using an app that was added through the Ledger Explorer by Ledger ID? That may be significant.

Just to follow up on this, I’ve got one of our developers looking at this & we’ll get back to you soon.