Configuring sandbox seeding in 2.5.0

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I’m trying to change the seeding on sandbox 2.5.0. When I run daml start --sandbox-option -C=canton.participants.sandbox.parameters.contract-id-seeding=testing-weak, I see

Waiting for canton sandbox to start.
2023-01-31 09:17:41,237 [main] ERROR c.d.canton.CantonCommunityApp$ - GENERIC_CONFIG_ERROR(8,0): Cannot convert configuration to a config of class com.digitalasset.canton.config.CantonCommunityConfig. Failures are:
  at 'canton.participants.sandbox.parameters.contract-id-seeding':
    - (hardcoded value) Unknown key.

As you can see it doesn’t recognise that config item. I’ve tried values no, static-weak, strong, none of these appear to work. Any idea what’s wrong? Has this configuration item changed again after the 2.0 release?

Hi @Luciano,

Yes, the parameter placement has changed as part of an improvement.

This should work:

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