"commands" and "participantId" values in grpc ErrorInfo

I have noticed that the ErrorInfo for a failed command, contains a “commands” key in its metadata map. See the follow example of it - looks like it is in a JSON format.

{readAs: [], deduplicationPeriod: {duration: 'PT1M'}, submittedAt: '2022-10-11T23:04:22.552129Z', ledgerId: 'KVBC', applicationId: 'DLT-Te
st-App', submissionId: '9c0a3adf-9c1b-4670-9653-78ddff1e179e', actAs: ['Alice'], commandId: '81b432a8-4e67-49c8-bb1d-330f81e78509', workflowId: 'd9c4e041-03c0-429c-920e-922fe75b749b'}

It also contains a “partipantId”. I have not seen these features documented anywhere. Are they officially supported?