Command submission timing metrics in JSON API

The JSON API has the following metric: daml.http_json_api.command_submission_ledger_timing. I’m a bit confused around the word “submission”: does this metric refer to the time taken in calling the CommandSubmissionService? Or is it actually the time taken in calling the CommandService. I’m just thinking it should be CommandService, since I think the JSON API would only be using CommandService, as it doesn’t support async submissions/completions.

You are completely correct, the JSON API is using the synchronous command service and that’s what this timer is tracking. The naming is definitely confusing and we should at least improve the docs (cc Arguably it’s not completely wrong, you are still submitting a command but you are just also waiting for the result. But that’s bikeshedding when we can just make the docs clearer to avoid any confusion.

I see. Thanks for the clarification.