Checking contract creation across participants in Canton installation

Suppose I have a tiny Canton installation with one participant P1 and one domain D.

  1. I allocate party A with namespace N (A::N) on P1
  2. I create a contract as A::N
  3. I spin up a new participant P2 and connect it to D
  4. I ask for the ACS of A::N to the Ledger API endpoint exposed by P2

Am I supposed to see the contract created above right off the bat or is there some additional operation that needs to happen for this to be the case?

Unless P2 hosts A::N as well, you will never see the contract on P2 (assuming there are no other stakeholders on that contract).

To host the party on two participants you need to go through explicit party & ACS migration steps.

If the contract does have an observer on P2 then just connecting to the domain should be sufficient afaik.

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  • What is the correct terminology? Is it party migration? Based on the docs it is a bit confusing.
  • My understanding of migrating ACS is that it’s basically dump from one participant and load in another. Is that correct?
  • What is the recommended approach?
    1. Stop all participants (i.e. P1)
    2. Migrate ACS
    3. Bring up participants (i.e. P1 and P2)

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