Changes on 1.17.0 (submission_id and deduplication_duration )

I notices that there are some changes on 1.17.0 such as adding new field submission_id and rename deduplication_duration. Where can I see them in Java Ledger API library? I upgrade my daml java lib to 1.17.1 and only notice that Record is now DamlRecord. The CommandSubmissionService and CommandService are still the same.

The Java bindings have not been updated yet to reflect this change.

We just added a ticket to track this, thanks for the report.

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There is an open PR to fix this. It does add access to the submission identifier but does not use the new name of the deduplication time field in order to not break existing code. Note that at the current status deduplication_time and deduplication_duration are simply aliases, precisely to not break backward compatibility, so using the new name doesn’t buy you anything.

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