Canton Decentralized Domain

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As we know Canton Domains has two variants - trusted vs decentralized.
So in order to set up the democratic network of DAML DLT, Canton needs to depend on an external Blockchain Network to achieve sequencing and consensus in a decentralized way. However, this method is quite painful in the regulated enterprise environment. Because the consortium or network operator needs to care about an additional Blockchain network on top of the Canton Synchronization network. And it comes with disadvantages like additional skillset, domain, network, operations overhead, risk, additional efforts, and cost.

So do you have any alternative to achieve decentralization? I heard long back that the DAML team is working on enabling the Canton Synchronization and Consensus layer over Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT), is that still on the roadmap?


Hi, Balaji.

Great question! Yes, a BFT domain is still on our roadmap. We may be able to give a more definitive timeline for that roadmap item later this year.

Wayne Collier

Thanks, Wayne for confirmation.

Could you share any referenced document or link that visualizes the network and architecture of Canton synchronizing using the BFT domain?

Just for clarity of my thoughts - the BFT domain would be part of the Canton protocol offering that removes the dependency on any external blockchain network layer for consensus, right?

Thank You.

Hi, Balaji. I can’t share a diagram now, but as we add this to our concrete plans we’ll provide more detail.

On the point of clarification: yes, the BFT domain would be part of the Canton protocol and would remove the dependency on any external blockchain layer for consensus. It would in effect turn the Sequencer, within the Canton domain, into a decentralized BFT service.

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