Can I use multiple Navigator windows in parallel on one machine? (Chrome/MacOS)

  • I’m trying to demo a workflow across 3 parties on my local machine.
  • I have 3 participant nodes running, each with 1 party allocated to it.
  • I’ve started 3 navigator servers on ports 4000,4001,4002
  • I want to open 3 Navigator windows connected to the 3 participant nodes. I tried opening 3 incognito Chrome windows but whenever I log in as a party in one of them, the other two no longer show any contracts or templates.

Is there a way to stay logged in on all 3?


Use 3 different browsers?

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Thanks @Leonid_Rozenberg, I found a few options:

  1. Use 3 different browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  2. Log into Chrome using 3 different profiles (work profile, personal profile, incognito)
  3. Use a browser extension such as SessionBox (disclaimer: I haven’t tested this and don’t know how secure it is)