Call to reset ledger hangs

I am using the sandbox - launched with the command daml sandbox. In my code I call the java ResetServiceGrpc.ResetServiceBlockingStub#reset method. I notice that the program does not proceed further than this point that I call the rest method. However, it will progress if I press control-C on the terminal running the sandbox. For testing purposes this does not seem ideal. Note: this is using sdk version 1.11.1.

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This is not normal behavior. The reset service is supposed to return the sandbox to a clean slate and return control to the caller once that is done. Can you expand on on the conditions that make this error arise?

However, one thing I usually recommend is to isolate your tests using a different set of parties for every test. This also allows you to run your tests concurrently, which can lead to significant gains in time in integration tests.

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I have a number of java unit tests that interact with the ledger. Before each unit test is run, the reset would be run to return ledger to a clean state. Unfortunately I can’t share the exact code. I tried to create a minimal example, but I’ve not been able to replicate the problem. In the end I decided to go with UUIDs for the party names rather than doing ledger resets.