Application level logging in a trigger

How can I configure the logback file used in the trigger service to get my debug statements printed to the log but no the underlying trigger’s internal debug statements?

Which can be quiet verbose (who does not love to interpret some large state in Scala :laughing: )?

I usually use the name attribute to logger to specify a [Scala] package [prefix] to increase the log level for in logback.xml. Do your debug statements have a particular package shown in the logs that you can use?

Yes, they do!

12:37:16.598 [] DEBUG daml.tracelog - [unknown source]: "Debug message from TriggerA"


    <logger name="daml.tracelog" level="DEBUG">
        <appender-ref ref="STDOUT"/>

to the trigger-service-logback.xml file, and reverting the default level to INFO, does the trick.

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