A small issue when opening the docs.daml.com web site

Hi there,

Just notice something… when you search “pqs daml” in google and click the link to open the pqs documentation. The page is actually showing 2.7.0 content but displaying as 2.8.1.

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Hi @Frankie,

I just checked and you are correct, if you Google Search ‘pqs daml’, the version shown is Docs v2.7.0.

However if you visit the Daml Documentation site and search for ‘PQS’ you get Docs v2.8.1.

This v2.7.0 is the latest crawled & cached version of the site, which will update in time. However I’d suggest that you always search directly within the Daml Documentation site first for the latest information, then expand outwards.

Regards, BM.

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