Navigator user login does not reflect the correct access

Hi team,

I was deploying the DAR file and running the initial script in Canton setup. After that I ran navigator to view contracts by certain user with CanReadAs Public access but it didn’t return all the contracts which are visible to Public party.

Here is the details:
My Daml script steps:

  1. in script of allocateParties, allocate parties into two participant nodes( pOperator, pParticipant1) , create Alias contract for each of the party and set observer as Public . There should be 4 Alias contract created(i.e. for Operator, FundManager, Distributor1, Investor1) and all visible to Public party
  2. in script of initialize, create users with CanReadAs public access in the corresponding participant node
allocateParties : Script Parties
allocateParties = do 
  operator <- allocatePartyWithHintOn "Operator" (PartyIdHint "Operator") ( ParticipantName "pOperator")
  fundManager  <- allocatePartyWithHintOn "FundManager" (PartyIdHint "FundManager") ( ParticipantName "pOperator")
  distributor1  <- allocatePartyWithHintOn "Distributor1" (PartyIdHint "Distributor1") ( ParticipantName "pParticipant1")
  investor1  <- allocatePartyWithHintOn "Investor1" (PartyIdHint "Investor1") ( ParticipantName "pParticipant1")
  public  <- allocatePartyWithHintOn "Public" (PartyIdHint "Public") ( ParticipantName "pOperator")

  let parties = [operator, fundManager, investmentManager, fundAdmin, settlementAgent, transferAgent, distributor1, distributor2, investor1, investor2]

    getPartyHint p = head (splitOn ":" $ partyToText p)
    createAlias: Party  -> Script ()
    createAlias p  = do
      -- add alias for mapping
      let hint = getPartyHint p
      submit p do createCmd Alias with currentParty = p; displayName = hint; ..
  mapA_ ( \p -> createAlias p)  parties

initialize : Parties -> Script()
initialize parties@Parties{..} = do
    getPartyHint p = head (splitOn ":" $ partyToText p)
    pOperatorParties = [operator, fundManager]
    pParticipant1Parties = [ distributor1, investor1]

    createUserFromParty: Party -> Text -> Script ()
    createUserFromParty p participantName = do
      -- add alias for mapping
      let hint = getPartyHint p
      userId <- validateUserId $ asciiToLower hint
      createUserOn (User userId $ Some p) ((CanActAs p) :: [CanReadAs public])  ( ParticipantName participantName)

  mapA_ (`createUserFromParty` "pOperator") pOperatorParties
  mapA_ (`createUserFromParty` "pParticipant1") pParticipant1Parties
  1. In Canton Console, I allocated the public party in both pOperator and pParticipant node following below instruction
    Host party on multiple nodes using participants.json - #2 by drsk
    and the output from canton console shows Public party already on both participant nodes
    party = Public::122089916be7...,
    participants = Vector(
      ParticipantDomains(participant = PAR::participant2::12208b792584..., domains = Vector(DomainPermission(domain = mydomain::1220dd2ff7c3..., permission = Observation))),
      ParticipantDomains(participant = PAR::participant1::122089916be7..., domains = Vector(DomainPermission(domain = mydomain::1220dd2ff7c3..., permission = Submission)))
  1. run daml navigator server localhost 5041 --feature-user-management=true and login is as operator but I only see one alias contract but not 4

Apologies for the long description, but any reason why I can’t view the other Alias contract from Navigator while I try using Json API to query, I can get all.


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Navigator only uses the primary party of your user not other ReadAs claims. The Alias contracts here are visible to the public party but not to the primary party (the operator) so you don’t see them. You could create a user for the public party and login as that to see all alias contracts.

noted, thanks!