What is "Choose end user party"?

Hey Daml’ers!

What is the new button “Choose End user party” used for in Project DABL?

I couldn’t find anything in the docs that explains what it can be used for.



Hi James,

The introduction of “end user party” is related to our experimental feature, which provides a way for the end user(that login into your app) to launch automation as themself directly.

And in order to distinguish the parties created by you from the parties joined by Login with DABL, the later party group is called “end user party”. And you as the “ledger owner” could also launch automation as those parties.

The two party option means the following:

end user party: the “Party” joined your app via Login with DABL.
(the party passively got created by login into your app)

your party: the party explicitly created(and owned) by you in the console.

Hope that makes sense to you, and we will surely working on adding more details to the documentations once the feature got stable.



Hi Li,

Thanks for explaining. That will be a nice feature. Incorporating DAML Triggers into our application has definitely helped the user experience.

I’ll be on the lookout for the updated docs to come; otherwise, I’ll post any questions on here.