Types of errors that can be returned in command submission versus completion

There are quite a large number of ledger API error categories and codes. When calling the CommandSubission service “submit” method, is there a smaller of subset of these error categories and/or codes that can result from this? Similarly, when a command completion result is returned by the CommandCompletionService, can we assume a smaller subset of error categories and/or codes? Can you provide a list of these categories and/or codes that can arise in these two situations?

Hi Huw,

The Ledger API docs list all the errors a service can return and are documented here

Errors for the CommandSubmissionService are documented here

Errors for the CommandCompletionService are documented here

Let me know if that helps.

Hi @rohitt , thanks, that is helpful - however - the errors documented are only gRPC statuses (not ledger API error categories or codes). Is it possible to provide similar information for ledger API error categories/codes? Additionally, the Completion documentation doesn’t outline all possible error statuses - looks like it’s just giving some examples. Can you provide a more detailed list for this?