Any tutorial avalibale for creating DAML wallet

Hi all

Are there any turorials available for creating DAML wallet? Any pointers will be helpful…

Hi Yes there is. The Daml wallet app runs on Daml Hub at It has a tutorial built in. The source will be public starting wednesday Aug 3rd at .GitHub - digital-asset/wallet-sample-app. Let us know what you think!!

HI Chris

Thanks for the reply, however since last two days the url is not workiing for me

I understand the github url will work post Aug 3rd…

Please let me know as soon as its up. Thanks again for your help…

Hi - You need to establish a Daml Hub account (free) to use the app. Can you send me a screenshot of what you are getting?


Hi Chris, i was abe to sort the error. Now i am wondering which underlyding ledger, my wallet is connected to? And how will i configure my wallet to connect to different ledgers?