Add ~/.daml/bin to your PATH variable settings

Hello DAML Team,

is there any small tutorial that shows how to set up the terminal environment right?

Do I have to download the something inorder to add ~/.daml/bin?

Thanks, Family for your help in advance.

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Hi @codingtom, it looks like you are on Windows. The Windows installer will add the correct directory to PATH automatically so you do not have to change anything here.

Did you try running daml in powershell after running through the installer? If it doesn’t work after running the installer you might want to try rebooting to make sure the changes to PATH propagate to your terminal session.

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Hi @cocreature, thank you for your quick replay.

No I haven´t yet, which command do I have to use in order to install daml?

Sorry for the noob question, I´m getting better.

You can find the installation instructions for Widnows at So download and run it and it should guide you through the installation process.