1.16.0 installation hangs in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB version 1.2(2018.9)

Trying to install new sdk kit on above thin client. The installation proceeds and then stalls.
This is a new installation; no previous versions.

Recommended Eclipse foundation java installed and working
visual code installed and working
node.js installed with version 14.15.4

are there installation logs to see what might be causing this?

At which point does it stall? Could you provide a screenshot or something like that?

What you could try is to download the SDK manually from https://github.com/digital-asset/daml/releases/download/v1.16.0/daml-sdk-1.16.0-windows.tar.gz. You can extract it and then run the install.bat script from powershell. That might provide you with more info on what fails.

1.Stalls after all files have been extracted. Task Manager shows daml.exe is running but no cpu/memory usage. Let it sit like that for about an hour and then gave up.

  1. removed all files under appdata/local/temp/{tmpFile}.
    rebooted the PC.
    installed files from manual download to the appdata/local/temp/{tmpFile} directory.
    ran cmd.exe install.bat from power shell.
    prompt returned immediately. No dialog, no messages.
    Same result.

Note that I am behind a proxy server. Any chance this is a problem?


Here is a screenshot of the install dialog along with task manager details tab displayed.
PID, Status, Username, CPU usage, Memory(private working set)
Hope this helps